How to remove acrylic nails without acetone?

You want to go to a party in two days, but your nails won’t grow. What comes to mind as the finest option at the moment? It’s acrylic colors, right?

These days, acrylic nails are extremely popular. Well! Who wouldn’t desire lovely, long nails that complement their clothes in color? Although there are many nail salons and places where we may get our nails done, what do we do if we need to cut them off for whatever reason? There may be times when you are unable to work, the nail becomes caught in the fabric of your garment, and many other problems.

Most salons close on Sundays or are open for client visits any other day of the week. What are your options in these circumstances?

Methods to remove acrylic nails 

  1. Acetone-free nail paint remover-

Acetone-free Nail Paint Remover: In recent years, various organic and less toxic products have been developed. Although they contain chemicals, they make sure our health is not impacted. Similar to this, we have nail polish removers like OBN, etc. that include less hazardous ingredients like propylene glycol, olive oil, and fruit essence that moistens the cuticle to eliminate normal nail growth. This may take a little longer than the technical procedure, but it guarantees “no nail damage.”

  1. Warm Water-

Warm water has been used as a cure for many ailments since ancient times. May it be the safe delivery of a kid. Warm water is still one of the methods for removing these acrylic nails nowadays. The procedure is straightforward yet time-consuming. Obtain a bowl and fill it with warm water and cuticle-safe liquid soap. Spend 20 to 25 minutes dipping your hands and soaking your nails. Remove the nails by starting with the peel-off stick. If it doesn’t start peeling off after 15 minutes, wet your nails again. There will be a melting of the nail adhesive.

  1. Cuticle Oil-

This treatment will not only ensure that artificial nails are removed, but it will also hydrate the cuticle. Cuticle oil is crucial for keeping nails healthy. You need to wet your fingertips for this cure. You can also apply oil to nails that have been taped or foil-wrapped by soaking a cotton pad in oil. With the adhesive between them being loosened, the process would be accelerated. You can use a peel-off stick to scrape the nails after 20 to 25 minutes.

  1. Dental Floss-

Move the floss back and forth along your nails after soaking your fingers in warm water or cuticle oil. This will cause the nail to loosen and eventually fall off. Natural nails may suffer harm as a result of this. Cuticle oil or lotion use is strongly advised.

Fashion Tips

Points to consider while removing acrylic nails

  1. Avoid being rough with your nails as this could cause damage or an infection.
  2. Make sure to regularly apply lotion or oil to your nails to hydrate them.
  3. Make sure the glue is fully removed as it can harm the cuticles.
  4. Avoid using boiling water to remove nails because it could cause serious burns.
  5. The methods mentioned above take time. Don’t try to speed up the process; you might not be satisfied.
  6. Pick a nail remover without acetone carefully. Look over the articles and well-known companies like Kara, OBN, high pop, Colorbar, etc.


To sum up the cures, it is strongly advised to keep your nails moisturized and fed. Use oil or lotion to massage your cuticles to keep your nails healthy and prevent breaking. Prior to selecting a new set of acrylic nails, you can be confident that your natural nails will receive nutrition for roughly 12 to 15 days. This would stop cuticle damage and obstruction of nail growth.

In order to have healthy skin and nails, one needs to eat a proper, balanced diet that includes all the nutrients and vitamins. Because,

“Anything real is better than curing anything fake”.